This is a blog dedicated to our sweet Mrs. K.

Mrs. Krabappel's voice actress passed away, as you all know by now, and Edna's last appearance was in "The Man Who Grew Too Much." Her character will be retired respectfully. Luckily, we have many seasons with Edna's presence, and she will live on in our hearts!

Some great Edna episodes are: Bart Gets an F, Bart the Lover, The PTA Disbands, Grade School Confidential, Special Edna, My Big Fat Geek Wedding, Bart Gets a Z, The Ned-liest Catch, and Ned 'n Edna's Blend. There are plenty of more where Edna has memorable lines, but these are more focal ones.

Edna's first appearance was in Bart the Genius.

Marcia Wallace won an emmy for her performance with Edna in Bart the Lover.

Enjoy my blog and have a wonderful day!

{R.I.P. Marcia Wallace}

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